27 – Goodbye, UCB NY

UCB has recently shut down its last permanent theater and training center. I asked people to share what UCB NY meant to them. Featuring Molly Gaebe, Ian Dyer, Ryan Barker, Rachel Taenzler, Pat Baer, Sonya Saepoff, Ray Cordova, Harsha Vardhan Dasarathy, Bert James, Elisa Ballou, Paris Adkins, Liz Noth, Alex French, Jon Marballi, Betsy Helmer, Dan LoPreto, Joe Leonardo, Jaime Lutz, Alejandro Cardona, Brett White, Aaron Kheifets, Johnna Scrabis, Mark Dowling, Maritza Montanez, Billy Galante, and Nicholas Guestella. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.

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