25 – The Movie

This episode focuses on a fun, but often difficult form, the Movie. One of the original forms developed by Del Close, the Movie is not performed as regularly as some other forms, but it can be rewarding to learn and get good at, and it’s easy for audiences to follow. Featuring David Bluvband, James Dwyer, John Timothy, Rudy Behrens, and Kevin Mullaney. Hosted by Liz Noth and Curtis Retherford.

2 thoughts on “25 – The Movie

  1. I’m confused on what you meant when you said “Paint it on the person, not on yourself.” (37:44)
    Could you please explain that a bit more?

    1. Absolutely! In other words, if you want to say a character that you’re scene painting (played by another improvisor) is wearing a bow tie, then point towards the character’s neck and say “we see he is wearing a bow tie.” Don’t point at your own neck and say “we see he is wearing a bow tie.” You want to describe the person on the stage as if THEY are wearing the clothes or carrying the things, etc.

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