12 – The Harold: 2nd and 3rd Beats

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In a Harold, after the first beats and the first group game, the team returns to the first 3 games for second beats, and then does another group game, and then returns again for third beats. These scenes are chances to play more fun versions of the games from the first beats. Featuring Chris Scott, Liz Noth, Kelsey Bailey, Jesse Lee, and Lou Gonzalez. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.

10 – The Harold: Group Games

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In a Harold, in between each set of beats is a group scene. These scenes can be tough if the entire team isn’t listening and playing together, but they can also be incredibly fun and change the direction and tempo of your entire Harold. Featuring Johnna Scrabis, Joey Price, Devin Ritchie, Lydia Hensler, and Molly Thomas. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.

09 – Best Notes

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Each improvisor recounts the notes that shaped their understanding of improv or their understanding of themselves as improvisors. Featuring Jessica Morgan, Lydia Hensler, Jesse Lee, Jenny St. Angelo, Lily Du, Molly Thomas, Lui Vega, Chris Scott, James Dwyer, Nicole Drespel, Morgan Phillips, Achilles Stamatelaky, Liz Noth, Sebastian Conelli, Alex Dickson, Devin Ritchie, Will Hines, Bill DiPiero, Kevin Hines, Joey Price, and Ray Cordova. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.

07 – The Pattern Game

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The Pattern Game is one of the fundamental Harold openings. It can seem intimidating at first, but once mastered it can be an effective, clean way of getting clear premises for your Harold. Featuring Achilles Stamatelaky, James Dwyer, Nicole Drespel, Will Hines, Johnna Scrabis, Molly Thomas, Kelsey Bailey, Jesse Lee, Devin Ritchie, and Lily Du. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.

The Greg Wheel of Openings

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In episode 05 – Openings, I mentioned the Greg Wheel of Openings, which we used to randomly select an opening at the beginning of each show. Here are the slots I designed for the Greg Wheel of Openings. Each slot was printed out and placed in a carnival wheel.

And here we are taking the wheel for its first spin:

The first spin.

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04 – The Harold

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The Harold is one of the fundamental longform improv structures, but it isn’t easy, at least at first. But once it’s mastered, it is a framework that gives an extraordinary amount of flexibility. This episode focuses on the Harold as a whole: subsequent episodes will go through each particular section. Featuring Will Hines, Kevin Hines, Joey Price, Lydia Hensler, and Nicole Drespel. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.