24 – The Spokane aka the Pretty Flower

This episode focuses on the form of many names, the Spokane / Pretty Flower / Delicate Little Flower / Gadget / Family Guy / so on and so on. We discuss how to do the form, and why it may be a great fit for your team or why it may not be. Featuring Sebastian Conelli, Jake Cornell, Patrick Noth, Maritza Montañez, Kelsey Bailey, Jesse Lee, and Lindsay Calleran. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.

4 thoughts on “24 – The Spokane aka the Pretty Flower

  1. Please describe precisely what this form is at the top of the episode before cutting between commentary over something we don’t know. I’ve listened up to 6:47. Surely it’ll get explained in the minutes to come. I live 2 hrs outside Spokane and am familiar with improv there so I’m particularly keen on knowing what this form I’ve never heard of is. Listening through commentary to maybe get an explanation is expletive gerund agony!

  2. Explain what the god damn form is! I left a comment at 6:47 saying so and now it’s 14:23 and you haven’t told me wtf it is! A La Ronde but like family guy is not a sufficient explanation!

  3. It’s now exactly halfway through. You’re talking to some gal about giving notes on disparities of clarity: how ironic! I’m going online to look the form up and then I’ll listen to the rest of this episode. Please consider pulling this episode to edit in a clear explanation of what the form is at the top of the show. Sorry for my snippyness, feel free to delete my comments if/when edits are made.

    1. Hey Bryce, thanks for listening! The form is described in its basic form in the episode: a central scene with cutaways. That’s it. There are many variations, but they all stick to that same format: central scene that we cutaway from, only to return to that same scene.

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