27 – Goodbye, UCB NY

UCB has recently shut down its last permanent theater and training center. I asked people to share what UCB NY meant to them. Featuring Molly Gaebe, Ian Dyer, Ryan Barker, Rachel Taenzler, Pat Baer, Sonya Saepoff, Ray Cordova, Harsha Vardhan Dasarathy, Bert James, Elisa Ballou, Paris Adkins, Liz Noth, Alex French, Jon Marballi, Betsy Helmer, Dan LoPreto, Joe Leonardo, Jaime Lutz, Alejandro Cardona, Brett White, Aaron Kheifets, Johnna Scrabis, Mark Dowling, Maritza Montanez, Billy Galante, and Nicholas Guestella. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.


I’ll be moving and traveling from June to August, so there will be a hiatus on new episodes until, most likely, September, when I’ve moved to LA.

26 – Advice

I asked many of the people I interviewed the same question: what advice would you give an improvisor in their first year doing improv? Featuring Maritza Montañez, Liz Noth, Chris Scott, Morgan Phillips, Will Hines, Bill DiPiero, Achilles Stamatelaky, Ashley Ward, Ray Cordova, Sebastian Conelli, Joey Price, Patrick Noth, Kevin Mullaney, Lily Du, Nicole Drespel, Lou Gonzalez, Kevin Hines, Kelsey Bailey, Beth Appel, Molly Thomas, Alex Dickson, Jessica Morgan, Jesse Lee, John Timothy, James Dwyer, and Lydia Hensler. Hosted by Curtis Retherford, edited by Alejandro Cardona, written by Alejandro Cardona and Curtis Retherford.

25 – The Movie

This episode focuses on a fun, but often difficult form, the Movie. One of the original forms developed by Del Close, the Movie is not performed as regularly as some other forms, but it can be rewarding to learn and get good at, and it’s easy for audiences to follow. Featuring David Bluvband, James Dwyer, John Timothy, Rudy Behrens, and Kevin Mullaney. Hosted by Liz Noth and Curtis Retherford.

24 – The Spokane aka the Pretty Flower

This episode focuses on the form of many names, the Spokane / Pretty Flower / Delicate Little Flower / Gadget / Family Guy / so on and so on. We discuss how to do the form, and why it may be a great fit for your team or why it may not be. Featuring Sebastian Conelli, Jake Cornell, Patrick Noth, Maritza Montañez, Kelsey Bailey, Jesse Lee, and Lindsay Calleran. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.

23 – Coaching, Part 2

How should a coach structure a practice session? What are some exercises to use? How is coaching a house team different from coaching a practice group? These are all questions? Featuring Jenny St. Angelo, Sebastian Conelli, Lindsay Calleran, Johnna Scrabis, Liz Noth, and Will Hines. Co-produced by Alejandro Cardona, and hosted by Curtis Retherford.

22 – Coaching, Part 1

What makes a great coach? How do you become a great coach? How do you give helpful notes? None of those questions get answered. Featuring Bill DiPiero, Achilles Stametalaky, Lily Du, Devin Ritchie, Chris Scott, Jenny St. Angelo, Liz Noth, Lou Gonzalez, Sebastian Conelli, Ray Cordova, Nicole Drespel, co-produced by Alejandro Cardona, and hosted by Curtis Retherford.

21 – Best Notes, Part 2

Once again, each improvisor recounts the notes that shaped their understanding of improv or their understanding of themselves as improvisors. Featuring John Timothy, Beth Appel, Ashley Ward, Jake Cornell, X Mayo, Terry Withers, Maritza Montañez, Kevin Mullaney, David Bluvband, Lindsay Calleran, Rudy Behrens, and Cathryn Mudon. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.

20 – Why Do You Do Improv?

I asked a bunch of improvisors a simple question: “Why do you do improv?” Featuring answers from Nicole Drespel, Kevin Hines, Devin Ritchie, Achilles Stamatelaky, David Bluvband, Lily Du, Chris Scott, Molly Thomas, Morgan Phillips, James Dwyer, Liz Noth, Alex Dickson, Lydia Hensler, Will Hines, and Sebastian Conelli. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.

19 – Cliches and Gaps

19 different improvisors discuss the cliches they are tired of seeing and the gaps between the improvised worlds we create and the world we live in. What do they see too much of, and what do they not see enough of? Featuring Achilles Stamatelaky, Will Hines, Jenny St. Angelo, Kevin Mullaney, Kevin Hines, Bill DiPiero, Molly Thomas, Morgan Phillips, Jesse Lee, Kelsey Bailey, Jessica Morgan, Lydia Hensler, Liz Noth, Lou Gonzalez, Devin Ritchie, Lily Du, Johnna Scrabis, Lindsay Calleran, & Sebastian Conelli. Co-produced by Alejandro Cardona. Hosted by Curtis Retherford.